Useful Links

Here are some useful links and resources for Irish people who shop online. It pays to be able to convert currencies quickly, know your consumer rights and where to turn if you need more help.

Irish people who shop clothes and fashion online are also likely to buy services online. So we’ll include a whole load of local companies who you might be interested in, from fun days out with the family to local Irish directories.

Currency Converters
XE … currency conversion
Yahoo Currency Converter … from £ to €

Shopping Forums … online buying & auctions … bargains and alerts

Resources for your Kids … helping you to find childcare in Ireland … forum for Moms … all about pregancy and parenting in Ireland

Know Your Rights
European Consumer Centre … when shopping online from another European country
National Consumer Agency … the statutory body protecting your rights
The Consumer Association … an independent, non-profit organisation, working on behalf of Irish consumers
Citizens Information … your rights as a consumer in Ireland

Directories … an Irish website directory … Clothes and Accessories in Ireland

Irish Fashion Blogs … the best written blogs, vlogs and bloggers writing about fashion in Ireland