Banana Republic

Description: Banana Republic EU is one of Gap’s famous brands. If you’ve ever shopped in Banana Republic shops in the States, you’ll know that Banana Republic’s style appears effortless, casual and modern, married to quality fabrics including beautiful soft cottons – at affordable prices. In other words, accessible luxury.From July 2011, now you can buy Banana Republic EU online, delivered to Ireland via their .eu website and from within the EU, without paying US Customs and Excise Duty for the first time.
Categories: Fashion – Womens, Fashion – Mens, Accessories
Ships from: UK
Delivers to Ireland: Yes
Delivery Time: Up to 6 working days and by courier delivery via DHL. You must sign for it.
Shipping Cost to Ireland: £10
Prices Displayed in: £
Currency Conversion: Very Good. Completed at checkout by credit card company.
Laser accepted?: No

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