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More about: The Book Depository is focused on being the world’s leading “specialist” online bookstore. It’s a great place to go to delve into an obscure category of books, as they have a huge range, over 11 million in the catalogue. The main reason Irish people like the company is because of its very low prices on books. Delivery is also free, which is a big plus as far as Ireland is concerned. All of its books are shipped from the UK.
Delivers to Ireland: Yes.
Shipping Cost to Ireland: Free delivery for all orders.
Delivery Time: Most orders are delivered within 4-6 business days to Ireland.
Ships from: UK
Categories: Books
Customer Service Email:
Returns Address: The Book Depository, Thames Central, Hatfield Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1QE, UK
Laser accepted?: No
Prices Displayed in: € EURO.
Currency Conversion: In Euro already.

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