Lands’ End

Description: An American legend, Lands’ End is now a worldwide Internet and mail order company that delivers a range of own-brand clothing, including casual clothes, swimwear, footwear and outerwear – for both men and women. Lands’ End offers traditionally styled clothing, with a reputation for dependable high quality, durability and value, that is made for real people, not for models.
Categories: Sportswear, Fashion – Mens, Fashion – Womens, Footwear & Shoes
Ships from: UK
Delivers to Ireland: Yes
Delivery Time: 2-15 days (but closer to 2) and by courier delivery. You must sign for it.
Shipping Cost to Ireland: £6.95.
Prices Displayed in: £
Currency Conversion: Very Good. Completed at checkout by credit card company.
Laser accepted?: No

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