Description: Wow! Macys – yes, New York’s venerable retailer and one of the USA’s major department store – finally delivers to Ireland. The advantages are that now you can buy from (Macy’s full range, the same available in the USA), in EURO – so you will know the full price when you order. Currency conversion costs, shipping and Duty/VAT are added to the total as before. is the home of America’s best brands for women, men, children, from clothes to jewellery to accessories, with DKNY, Calvin Klein and Lucky Brand jeans a favourite with Irish buyers.
Categories: Accessories, Fashion – Womens, Fashion – Mens, Fashion – Childrens, Footwear & Shoes, House & Home, Jewellery, Lingerie, Sportswear
Ships from: Internationally with Duty/VAT prepaid. You can choose to pay the Duty/VAT on arrival
Delivers to Ireland: Yes
Delivery Time: 5-10 working days and by courier delivery via DHL. You must sign for it.
Shipping Cost to Ireland: Sample purchase of jeans for $69.50 cost €65.12, with €17.57 shipping and €14.48 Duty/VAT, bringing the total to €97.17
Prices Displayed in:
Currency Conversion: Good. Converted by Macys into €.
Laser accepted?: No

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