Pavers Shoes

Description: Pavers is one of the UK’s largest online footwear retailers. Formerly known as, Pavers has all the top branded men’s and women’s footwear and also caters for a more mature market with comfort and business footwear. Pavers have a large and wide selection of Skechers and Rieker shoes.
Categories: Footwear & Shoes
Ships from: UK
Delivery: From the UK via Royal Mail
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days and by Royal Mail delivery
Shipping Cost to Ireland: £6
Prices Displayed in: £
Currency Conversion: Very Good. You will pay in Sterling, which is the best way as the conversion rate is not set at an artificial rate.
Laser accepted?: No

5 Responses to Pavers Shoes

  1. dympna kelly says:

    Hi I really like shopping on line but I am finding it very difficult to place an order on line could I ring and place an order

  2. Mary Nicholson says:

    Postage cost to Ireland is too expensive

  3. Catherine Whitehead says:

    Postage to Ireland is very expensive, there should be a special for buying more then one pair, Like the Uk have there postage caped.

  4. Frank Frank McCarney says:

    Amazed that when I type in Pavers Ireland all products are priced in a foreign currency.
    Irish currency is the Euro

  5. Sally says: is coming soon

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