Description: Schuh is a very straightforward shoe store; it aims to provide individual high fashion footwear, from boot to brogue. With 47 womens shoes brands and 63 mens shoes brands, Schuh operates a keen pricing policy along with outstanding buying of colors and variety, leading to a great range of choice and sizes in womens, mens and kids shoes. Schuh’s first Irish store was opened in Dublin in 1997 and Schuh now now has 8 shops in Ireland – and its online store accepts Laser!
Categories: Footwear & Shoes
Ships from: UK
Delivery: Deliver to Ireland via courier delivery. Alternatively, you can get your delivery sent to your local Schuh store if you prefer for free… and you can return to the store if required.
Delivery Time: 2-5 working days and by courier delivery. You must sign for it… or if you prefer, pick it up from a local Schuh store.
Shipping Cost to Ireland: €5 for standard delivery.
Prices Displayed in: £, €. You will pay the € price.
Currency Conversion: Good. Converted from Sterling to Euro by Schuh onsite at a rate typically £1:€1.30.
Laser accepted?: YES; one of the UK’s few online retailers to do so.

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