Urban Outfitters

Description: Describing Urban Outfitters in one word? Latest. With passionate, exciting and talented clothing, Urban Outfitters represents the latest in everything … coolness, funky, young, casual, informal, stylish clothes, for both guys and gals. They do more than men’s and women’s fashion; you can buy the Urban Outfitters’ lifestyle with homewares and gifts also.Urban Outfitters Ireland have two stores in Dublin but hope to add more. Irish online shoppers shop at www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk; there is no www.urbanoutfitters.ie.
Categories: Accessories, Fashion – Womens, Fashion – Mens, Footwear & Shoes
Ships from: UK
Delivers to Ireland: Yes
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Shipping Cost to Ireland: £8.95 or €10 basic
Prices Displayed in: €. The exchange rate between the £ and € website is at about £1:€1.30.
Currency Conversion: Good. Changed to € at a set rate by Urban Outfitters.
Laser accepted?: No

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