Warehouse Fashions Limited

Description: Warehouse is “London” fashion – the latest trends but with a Warehouse stamp on them. A UK fashion clothing brand for the high street since 1976, Warehouse’s womens clothing collections are for today’s modern, urban woman, with inspiring, individual, confident and glamorous lines. With a focus on young British design talent, Warehouse clothes are also very distinctive with their clean lines.You can buy Warehouse clothes from its 10+ shops and outlets in Ireland, including stores within Debenhams, House of Fraser and Shaws – and of course from Warehouse online
Categories: Fashion – Womens
Ships from: UK
Delivers to Ireland: Yes
Delivery Time: Up to 3-5 working days
Shipping Cost to Ireland: €4.99 and often with FREE package and postage on orders over certain amounts.
Prices Displayed in:
Currency Conversion: Pay in € at an exchange rate preset by Warehouse, currently approx £1:€1.30.
Laser accepted?: No

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